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Published: 12th May 2009
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8 Things Your Mother Never Told You About Cannondale and Cannondale F700!

Cannondale information isn't always reliable when you search on the web, as too many people are trying to sell you something instead of actual providing useful resources you can use.

Below are 8 tips about cannondale and cannondale f700 that I hope you find helpful.

We've spent ages looking for the most accurate cannondale information to give you, and this is what we've got...

Tip #1

Cannondale f700 bicycles can be ridden just about everywhere outdoors, including the sidewalks, but before you try this, you must understand a few things. Sidewalk bicycle riding is different from riding on the streets because it is narrower and people walk there as well. Besides the people, there is also a risk of a car's driver not seeing you from the street; however, sidewalk bicycle safely varies depending on where you live.

Tip #2

Most of us got one when we were kids. Five years old seems about the age when kids are ready for their first ride. Getting your first bike is really a time of excitement. Most kids probably had training wheels on their first bike, these were used to keep the bike from falling down, while the kid was still on it. That was the trick with the bicycle, before you could learn to ride, you had to learn how to not fall off the seat. Once you learned how to ride, having your bike became a very liberating experience. It was probably your first taste of independence; you could just get on your bike and ride without needing help.

Tip #3

The fear of bicycles, also known as cyclophobia is just like any other fear. Many times a fear of bicycle has to do with riding the bicycle rather then becoming anxious whenever you see a bicycle. Some common symptoms of cyclophobia include a rapid heartbeat, tunnel vision, feelings of dread and other signs of anxiety that can range for light symptoms to extreme in which you cannot move and have difficulty breathing.

Tip #4

These cannondale f700 bicycles may not be as fancy as the mountain bikes but are far more superior in functionality for the town riders and regular commuters in terms of comfort and maintaining correct posture which the modern high speed bikes do not cater for at all.

Tip #5

Daily Distance to Be Traveled.This is the most important factor which dictates the mode of transportation. If the distance between your work place is greater than that you can manage to paddle, then you are certainly forced to adopt means of transport which is powered by fuel. But if the distance is easily manageable then the better option is to travel on a bike.

Tip #6

Road bicycles are designed to be used only on paved and smooth roads. They cannot be used on off-road terrain paths. Some road cycles are also known as racing Bicycles, since they are generally used for cycle racing. Nevertheless, they are the most preferred form of bicycling, as most cycling is done on paved roads. They are lightweight and very fast bikes. They are also very strong, with the ability to go over a 100 miles per day. However, they are not comfortable for riding over bad roads. They are also not recommended for people who have back, wrist, shoulder, prostate and neck problems.

Tip #7

Make safe turns and cross intersections with care. Signal turns half a block before the intersection, using the correct hand signals (left arm straight out for left turn; forearm up for right turn). When traffic is heavy and the cyclist has to turn left, it is best to dismount and walk the bicycle across both streets at the crosswalks.

Tip #8

Those who enjoy riding cannondale f700 bicycles, probably need no encouragement to get up and go and enjoy the fresh air and the exercise that goes hand in hand with riding a bike. Even those who no longer ride probably enjoyed the experience of cycling as kids, and have some idea of what it is all about.

That's it for the tips, I hope that you liked them.

Even though I have only shared 8 cannondale and cannondale f700 tips with you, feel free to share this article with anyone who you may feel will benefit.

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