Bronchitis and Treatment For Bronchitis. The Top 9 Things You Should Know

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Published: 17th April 2009
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The following article contains 9 hints and tips about bronchitis and treatment for bronchitis.

Let's face it, reading 9 tips isn't going to change your life, but at least it will give you an idea about what you can find out!

It's always fun trying to find accurate information about bronchitis, and what we discovered was no exception!

Tip #1

if you have a case of acute bronchitis, the best thing to do is avoid alcohol and caffeine; these products may case the loose of fluid in your body;

Tip #2

Take extra fluids for easy sputum expulsion. Whatever your drink is, make sure that its always warm. This is to sooth the irritated throat. Gargling of warm salty water also soothes the inflammated area. One tea spoon of salt in a glass of warm water then gargle and spit after. Rest is also a good home remedy for bronchitis because walking makes one feel worse and slows the body,s ability to fight infection. During the rest intake of a pain killer would relief muscle pain. In children aspirin should not be administered. It is advisable to give acetaminophen.

Tip #3

Considering the fact that asthmatic bronchitis mostly involves obstruction of the respiratory tract, medical treatments should be effective in both unblocking the airways and fighting against bacteria. In most cases, medical treatments with antibiotics are accompanied by steroids and inhaled medicines. These medicines are called bronchodilators and they are useful in decongesting the airways clogged with mucus.

Tip #4

The treatment of bronchitis may vary from person to person. While in healthy persons with normal lungs and no such chronic problem, there is no need to give antibiotics even if there is a bacterial infection. It is through coughing that your body get rid of excess mucus, this step is usually encouraged more often. But when this cough do not allow you to get your required sleep and is often painful, you may need an immediate medical treatment. Your doctor may prescribe a cough suppressant and will advise you to take rest and take lots of fluids.

Tip #5

Studies have shown that such types of bronchitis infection is prevalent among children infants and a high percentage of cigarette smokers . If you a not a smoker but because you live or work in a polluted area you may also exhibit bronchitis infection symptoms. Those who suffer from a weak pulmonary system are also prone to acute bronchitis. These are the high risk category people.

Tip #6

People who have bronchitis emphysema should have a flu immunization each year as they are particularly vulnerable to the complications of flu. Also, think about getting an injection against pneumonia - this injection protects against the pneumococcus bacterium, and lasts up to ten years.

Tip #7

Another natural remedy is the warmth of an old-fashioned mustard plaster. It relieves symptoms of many respiratory ailments, including bronchitis. Take one tablespoon dry mustard and mix with 4 tablespoons flour. Stir in enough warm water to make a runny paste. Oil the chest with vegetable shortening or olive oil, then spread the mustard mix on a piece of cloth, muslin, gauze or a kitchen washcloth cover with an identical piece. Apply to the chest. Keep in place until cool, but check every few minutes to make sure it doesn't burn the skin.

Tip #8

Marshmallow - This herb soothes and coats inflamed areas in the body, including in the respiratory system.

Tip #9

Onions are good expectorants. Lemons also help in getting rid of bacterial & mucus from respiratory system. Grid one teaspoon lemon and add it to one cup of boiling water, steep for five minutes the strain and drink. Water helps liquify more mucus making it easy to cough out.One can use water from a steam treatment.

Well...there were your 9 tips. I hope that you enjoyed them.

Don't forget that where finding bronchitis and treatment for bronchitis information is concerned, always make sure that the person giving you the information isn't just trying to sell you something!

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